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Name Change Affidavit

Making changes in the original name at birth is now considered to be very common and is seen throughout India. The only condition applicable for eligibility to make changes in your name is that the applicant needs to be eighteen years and over to make changes in one’s own name.

When To Use Affidavit For Name Change?

The reasons for making changes in the name could be numerous, for example, individual inclination, marriage (for women), changes in the religion, alteration or modification of the names as a result of the advice of numerological experts, and so on. Making name changes could likewise mean adding a word to the current name, changes in the surname, making changes in spelling, and so forth. Before you finalize on making changes in the names, have an understanding of all the advantages and disadvantages of doing as such.

Types of Affidavits for Name Correction

There are diverse kinds of affidavits. Affidavits could be utilized according to each applicant’s purpose:

  • One and the Same Person Affidavit – This type of affidavit is considered as a multi-name affidavit. The applicant who has diverse names within the documents and need to offer the evidence that each of the names belongs to the same and also one single person, all things considered the same and the single individual affidavit could be made use of and given.
  • Name Change Affidavit – This affidavit is made use of to legally make changes in the name in each document and furthermore for publishing the notification in the Gazette of India.
  • Name Change after Marriage – This affidavit could be made use of by the woman applicant looking for making changes in their last name after marriage and then getting the same published in other types of documents.
  • Annexure "D" – Annexure D is utilized for name change affidavit for passport, particularly changes in the passport with regard to the name of the woman applicant after marriage. Along these lines, in the event that you need to make changes in your last name by birth in the passport then you could select the Annexure "D" Affidavit.
  • Annexure "E" – Annexure E is made use of for passport name correction affidavit irrespective of whether it is major or minor change. However in the event that you need to get your name being changed in the passport then you need to give the Annexure E Affidavit to the department.

How to Create a Name Correction Affidavit?

The name change is pretty much a three stage procedure to change name that could be done in less time if it is carried out reasonably. The essential and most imperative step in the procedure is preparing of the affidavit for change of name. Initially, you have to create an affidavit and swear in front of a magistrate or a notary. can assist you in this. You need to simply give us your details such as past maiden name, explanation for changing the age, address, name, and so forth. You should print it on a relevant non-judicial stamp paper for name change affidavit.

How to Make Affidavit Name Change Legally Enforceable and Valid?

Since it might be difficult to take appointment from a magistrate, you could contact a notary to get signature, which is similarly valid. Take a print out of the content onto a stamp paper of the needed value (the Notary would be providing advice) and have it being sealed by a notary. The employees of the central government could submit the deed for name change as per the OM No. 190016/1/87-Estt of the Ministry of Home Affairs, dated 12.03.1987. The deed need to be written on a plain paper being signed and stamped with rubber stamp by 2 witnesses having the rank of a gazetted officer of a similar department. With regard to Indians who are living abroad, they could submit the deed which is attested duly by the respective Indian High Commission or Indian Embassy. This is the most important phase with regard to the procedure of name change. Once the affidavit name change has been notarized, your occupation is almost done.

Publishing in Newspapers

After notarization of the affidavit for name difference, the following step needs you to quickly make publication of the name change in 2 local newspapers.

  • One of the classified needs to be in a daily local language newspaper of the state.
  • The second of the classified ought to be published in a local level English Newspaper.

Publishing in the State Gazette

In a few states, you could have the change in name being published within the official gazette of the state. In certain states, this is not a statutory prerequisite. For instance, in Karnataka, the publication of the gazette with regard to changes in name is applicable only to the government employees of the state. You could contact the publication controller of the governmental press within your state and have details on the process. You might be needed to create certain essential records alongside the original affidavit for name correction to have your details being published in the next following issue of the gazette. For more guidance, the employees of the central government could connect with their departmental HR contact.

  • Speak to them over the telephone to find out the documents needed. You could likewise consider meeting them.
  • Generally, you would have to provide a duplicate copy of the affidavit for name mismatch, duplicate copies of the publication made in the newspaper, ID and address proofs, passport photos and the fees applicable.
  • According to the timelines, you would be notified regarding change in name by getting it published in the gazette and a gazette copy for purposes of reference.

Name Change Affidavit Online Services

Our online name change services help to draft affidavit for spelling mistake in name, same name affidavit, etc. Whatever be your requirements, our name change affidavit India services can assist you. Contact today.

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