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Address Proof Affidavit

An address proof affidavit is considered to be a legal record which you could make use for making verification of the residency where you live and also the residency of others who live along with you. An address verification oath is an authoritative report you can use to do only that: checking your living arrangement and the residency of anybody living with you.

Address proof affidavit is an affidavit of residence proof which could be utilized by the applicant for proving their claim on a specific address with regard to where she/he lives when there is no other proof of address left with the deponent to verify their address. To state otherwise, an address proof affidavit is a document which is utilized to legally verify an individual’s address.

In the event that you don't have any document to support your claims of proving an address then you could make the affidavit of address proof on a stamp paper and then get it notarized. Different other names for address proof affidavit are: Residency Affidavit, Proof of Residence Affidavit and Affidavit of Residency.

Where Do We Use Address Proof Affidavit?

An address proof affidavit is frequently utilized in response to a court, a financial agency, a school or any other institution requesting for address proof. An insurance policy or utility bill having your name with address might give the proof that you are the owner or landlord of that dwelling; however it will not prove that you are living there.

Alternately, as a tenant you might not have any official records in your name connecting you to a dwelling or property. Subsequently you might require a residence affidavit along with other supporting records to show proof of residency at a particular address. You could utilize an address proof affidavit in case you have of late moved to new location or have to give proof of your present dwelling.

Address Proof Affidavit for Inducting a Child Into a School:

Suppose your child could now be able to go to a good school close to your new home, however the school has solicited that you give verification that you live within the school locale. Through high school for grade school, school corporations often ask a student’s parents to sign such a type of affidavit at a time when legally a student’s residence is vague.

Several school corporations function on tight spending plans and can't afford to allow children who live outside the district to attend the schools inside the district. Henceforth when a family has as of late moved into the district and cannot validate their place of living, or if a concern or question emerges regarding as to whether the kid lives inside the district area, the school might need parents to sign an affidavit of residency.

Address Proof Affidavit for Verification of Death:

The initial step you would require for transferring security or stock ownership after a death is making an address proof affidavit. You might want to make verification of the death and also verify a deceased individual’s residency so as to release or claim funds or other property of the individual who passed away.

You might likewise need to utilize this affidavit to make verification regarding where a person lived before passing away. Some institutions or agencies frequently ask to make verification of a deceased person’s residency before the funds or accounts of the deceased person are released to his/her family members. In such a case, as attachment of an affidavit, a death certificate’s copy might be needed. There are times when a business or a court would ask that you give the proof of your residence.

Other areas where address proof affidavit is required:

The address proof affidavit is additionally needed in these situations and circumstances:

  1. Surety and declaration suit for advance likewise need proof of address.
  2. Form of declaration to get a new connection of gas cylinder requires proof of residence.
  3. Reimbursement of medical expenses considers this affidavit as important.
  4. It is needed in the event that the Power of Attorney has to be replaced.
  5. Evidence claim additionally needs proof of address.
  6. It is essential as a document of support while presenting a claim affidavit with regard to accidental death.
  7. Proof of address is critical for marriage, passport, driving license, pan card application and legal notice for divorce.
  8. Affidavit for proof of address is important in an application with regard to a bail affidavit.
  9. Affidavit must be submitted in the event of declaring signature change of the applicant.
  10. Other types of cases incorporate submitting of public notice for change of name, police clearance application and certificate of no objection for construction of property.

Required Information For Making An Address Proof Affidavit

So how to get address proof affidavit? The following are the important points which ought to be incorporated while making an affidavit:

  • Complete name of deponent or applicant.
  • Date of birth-DOB of the deponent or applicant.
  • Complete address of the deponent or applicant for whom the affidavit is made.
  • Duration/period from which the deponent or applicant is residing at the given address.
  • Post office under where the applicant or deponent’s residence belongs to.
  • Police station under where the applicant or deponent’s residence belongs to.
  • District, ward and circle to where the applicant or deponent’s residence belongs to.
  • Declaration that statements are true.
  • Stamp paper for address proof affidavit

How to get address proof affidavit online

In the event that a person creates an affidavit which is false and is identified to be guilty, under 191,193 and 200 of the Indian Penal Code, the person could be charged. Hence it is important to have accurate help on how to create address proof affidavit. can help you to make address proof affidavit online.

Our specialists would make your affidavit on stamp paper and would send it to you. It would help to save a great deal of your time. You could put in your order request now on You need to give your address and identity proof in addition to details relating to your affidavit prerequisites. We make the affidavit and you need to submit your signature.

Getting affidavit notarized is an absolute necessity for any type of affidavit. We would get the affidavit notarized. We additionally would deliver the affidavit to your postal address to guarantee you an experience which is trouble free.

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