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For starters, a public company formation happens when members get associated with forming an organisation. This organisation renders a particular category of services and therefore is to be regarded as a separate legal entity. Usually, a public company is defined by the number of shareholders with no restriction on the maximum amount that can be accommodated. The public limited company formation is governed by the companies act of 1956 laid down by the government of India. This act covers several laws and bylaws that need to be taken care of before registering the formation of the company. In simple terms, the procedure to form a company is quite complicated.

However, for the company to conduct its business, it is essential for the registration process to be accomplished accurately. This registration is what defines the legal rights of the company as well as its stakeholders. With the assistance of notaryKart, this effort can be simplified to quite an extent. Consisting of a team of experienced and qualified lawyers, notaryKart is the one-stop destination to seek the legal expertise required to prepare several types of documents including those about company formation.

The procedure is simple just as you would have followed during your regular online shopping routine. All you need to do is pick up the service, add it to your cart and submit the documents. Once you book the service, you will be asked to pay a certain amount of money as fees. This confirms the order and the lawyers at notarykart will prepare the documents required to register the company.

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