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Vehicle Lease Agreement₹ 599.00*



Car leasing is very popular in the Western part of the world. If a customer wants to buy a car that is of 50 lakhs, value, and the same vehicle will be available for leasing at 50% of the value, so he/she gets to pay about 25 lakhs and the same amount one can spend on monthly instalments for the lease term, say three years. At the end of the lease agreement, at the discretion of the customer, he/she pay the value of that car and keep it or return the car and it is up to the individual’s choice. All the maintenance and premium amount of car insurance will be taken care of by the leased contractor. One of the main disadvantages of renting a car is that it comes with kilometre cap for each year. The agreement is done one stamp paper, and both parties duly sign the contract.

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