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Change of Signature Affidavit

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Change of Signature Affidavit

What is known as a signature? Signature is the name of an individual which has been written with their own hand. Sign is a short type of signature.

Signature is a mark which would when affixed is possessed by one and who validates that the said signature is held by him/her. Signature is the mark or the name of a person showing representation of the person’s name. One could make use of any type of signature in varied fields and in varied events.

When to Use Change of Signature Affidavit?

A signature is not considered to be the patented right of an individual. Several people across the world might be having a similar name and signatures which are matching. The only thing is that when you make use of your passport for some reason, then so as to demonstrate that you are the holder and owner of the said passport you would append the signatures which the passport holds.

Same is the situation with your DL signatures, PAN card signatures, Aadhar card signatures, bank account signatures, and all other records which holds your signatures. Signatures would have variations with the progression of time. Attach 2 signatures on a blank page. Then make a comparison of both. You would see that there is a difference in both the signatures.

The characters which are hidden would be similar: for example, regardless of whether signed having forehand or wrist movement, the signature speed, the signatures angles, lifting of the pen at various places, attaching dots, letters formation, joining various letters of signatures and so on and so forth. You could append signatures according to your will and they ought to be with the goal that you possess the responsibility which the same are yours and have been appended by you.

We all have the understanding that signatures can't be always a flawless match; however it is our commitment to endeavor to guarantee consistency to prevent any commotion, turmoil or perplexity which is unexpected. The affidavit for making signature changes helps us in different circumstances.

Institutions, for example, banks might do rejection of cheques and other relevant documents in case they think that the signatures are not matching. There are different other occasions for legitimately making changes in a person's name. You might be concerned that you might not be able to make signatures in the manner as the person. In certain instances, an affidavit demonstrating the difference in signature needs to be drafted.

There would likewise be times when you are thinking "on the best way to change your signature" because you are not in a position to make signature in the manner in which you used to in oblivion or you might want to purposefully make changes in your sign. In certain instances, an affidavit demonstrating signature changes need to be drafted.

How to Use Change of Signature Affidavit?

In case any document which is official carries your sign and you need to make changes in that, then in such an instance you might need to approach the authority concerned and inform them that you need to make changes in the signatures which the document carries which you had attached earlier and not that you need the old sign which ought to be supplanted by new signatures. There are no Indian laws which dictate the terms with regard to changes in signature.

The best effort is to promptly draft an affidavit and do notarization of it. The affidavit ought to include an attachment which offers a specimen of the new and old signature. You do not need to truly do anything beyond this such as getting the news published in the daily newspapers. You have to take several copies relating to this document and quickly give notification to the signature changes made to banks and different other organizations which one deals with every now and then.

At the time of visiting these institutions or establishments, you might be asked to do certain paperwork according to the internal process for updating frameworks.

When you are making a visit for making changes in signature, it is being recommended that you take address and ID proof to complete the procedure. There is no strict process or rule which outlines the procedure. However we are giving you below important points which need to be taken into consideration while making a change of signature affidavit online.

Procedure Involved in Making an Affidavit for Change of Signature

You do not have a particular signature which could be said to be the one you are needed to utilize in all places; your signature might have variations with the institution you are managing with. The restriction which is obvious is that you are needed to utilize the signature provided some time back.

The process to make changes in signature in your dealings with the concerned authority might be based on the process of the institution in this regard. The process which is the most sensible for lawfully making changes in a person’s signature might be to get an affidavit drafted and to notarize it.

Step 1 - Making the affidavit - The affidavit need to append an attachment which gives specimen of the new and old signature. All required details need to be filled in. This process does not need a advertisement in local daily newspapers. It is needed that you carry your address and the ID proof to finish the procedure with no issues.

Step 2 - The main prerequisite in creating the affidavit substantial is to get it printed on a stamp paper which is non-judicial and have a notary for sealing the document. It is considered as legally valid and as binding and enforceable till a specimen of the new signature is appended to the document and the affidavit is being notarized.

Step 3 - The last step is to make several copies with regard to the affidavit. The individual needs to quickly make notification of the signature change to the banks and to various other establishments which a person deals with every now and then. The framework of the institution need to be updated & henceforth, one might need to fill certain needed paperwork according to the internal process prescribed.

Hire For Making a Change of Signature Affidavit could help you in making & notarizing an affidavit for change of signature. You could make one easily by simply providing us the required details on making your affidavit for change of signature.

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