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E-Stamp papers Online

In the busy city Delhi, it’s never easy to find the legitimate seller in order to buy stamp paper in traditional mode since, almost every person in the city busy in their routine work. In order to sort out the issue we, Notarykart works with the motto of offering all kinds of legal services related to stamp paper works at your door steps.

What is stamp paper?

Stamp papers are the legal authentication offered by the government of India in order to process the various transaction in-between the parties (buyers and sellers). Apart from the transactions, the stamp paper offered by the government of India is authenticates the agreements, bonds, certificates, deeds and so in-between the parties.

However, many people all over the nation, especially in the busy city like Delhi is facing very hard to get the legitimate stamp papers from the valid licensed stamp papers sellers. On clearing those difficulties faced by the many peoples in the city of Delhi, the state government of Delhi introduces the e-stamping system on 2008, with the launch of Delhi e-stamp paper, the needed people can able to avail the stamp papers by booking online and even they are allowed to pay their stamp duty in online itself.

How it works?

E-Stamping System in Delhi

In simple words, the e-stamping system can be determined as the collection of e-stamp duty via computer based application. The main intention of releasing such Delhi e-stamp papers online by the state government of Delhi is to tackle the thread possessed by the fraudulent firms from selling duplicate e-stamp papers in Bangalore.

With the collaboration of the SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd), the state government of Delhi introduced this e-stamping system in the city of Delhi. We, Notarykart deliver the legitimate e-stamp papers which are authenticated by the SHCIL.

Notary Services in Delhi

We are proud to exclaim that, we are the one stop shop for getting assistance for all legal services related to Agreement, Affidavit, Rental Agreement and E-Stamp papers online in Delhi. We works with the motive of offering hassle free service to our clients and customers in terms of arranging agreements and affidavits along with legal e-stamp papers in online.

The necessity of E-Stamp Papers in Delhi

Paying stamp duty to the government is mandatory just like paying taxes (direct and as well as in-direct taxes). The stamp duties must be paid to government in the right time in order to avoid penalties or any other legal actions. We, Notarykart – The Notary Services in Delhi makes things pretty simple when it comes to paying those stamp duties, we allow our customers to book e stamp paper in online Delhi for the people from the Delhi city.

How to get e stamp paper online in Delhi through Notarykart

  1. First of all users are requested to visit ‘e-stamp paper online’ page in our official website
  2. In the desired web page, users are needed to fill the application which is visible.
  3. The application is designed in such a way that it will collects the details of both parties who are about to use the stamp paper along with the information of purpose of the stamp paper and person’s personal details who are about to purchase the e stamp paper from Notarykart.
  4. The application has the separate column by which the customers can specify how many e-stamp papers are required from Notarykart.

Key factors about getting e stamp papers online in Delhi

  • All Delhi e stamp papers in online sell by the Notarykart are legally authenticated by the SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd) thus ensuring about providing legitimate e-stamp paper to our customers.
  • The Delhi peoples who are buying e stamp papers in online from Notarykart can have the several options for paying their stamp duties via credit cards, debit cards, RTGS, NEFT, UPI, Net banking and so.
  • The online e stamp papers in Delhi city from Notarykart, comes with multi-level security along with tamperproof. The duplicate copy of the issued online stamp certificate can’t be formed since the e-stamp papers which are provided by Notarykart comes with optical watermarking.
  • However, the duplicate copy of the e stamp papers cannot be issued so it’s mandatory for the users to handle the certificate very carefully and not to be misplaced.

Cancellation and Refunds in Notarykart

The cancellation process for the all legal services booked via Notarykart can be assisted by our customer service executive. The customer is required to reach out at 70 22 529 601 / 74 06 312 233 during business hours and reach out via e-mail: for after business hours. Our executives will do their best to keep our customers happy.

Once the payment is received at NotaryKart, orders that are cancelled, only Service and Handling Charges and Delivery Charges will be refunded if it is not dispatched.

In case of customer cancel the order for shipment that are already dispatched, it is treated as delivered and no refund can be claimed, however, they can approach directly to SHCIL for claiming refunds after taking the delivery of e stamp paper.

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