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Date of Birth Affidavit Online

Get Date of Birth Affidavit Online


In case your records relating to birth has been observed to be inadequate or has been lost, make use of the birth certificate affidavit to make verification of information relating to your birth. Different other names for this affidavit are: Affidavit of Birth Certificate, Date of Birth Affidavit and Affidavit of Live Birth. In comparison with other affidavits, the birth certificate affidavit has also 2 sections--the presentation and the confirmation. All the data incorporated in the affidavit need to be true to the best of the knowledge of the applicant. To make the affidavit for date of birth certificate, you need to identify an individual having individual information regarding your birth, and state how it was obtained. That individual is mostly a blood relation, yet could be another person who had been there when you were born in this world, for example, the midwife or nurse, the physician who is attending. You need to have the affidavit for date of birth being signed by and authorized before you could utilize it as an official alternative for a birth certificate. We offer date of birth affidavit notary services.


The date of birth affidavit is ordinarily made use of when an individual do not have any document to demonstrate his date of birth. In other words, the affidavit of date of birth is utilized when an applicant i.e. the individual whose name the affidavit is being drafted in, tries to make declaration of their date of birth if they do not have a birth certificate. This affidavit for date of birth certificate could be utilized to make the verification under oath the realities which encompass a person's birth. In case one is not able to acquire a birth certificate which is satisfactory, you might make submission of a birth certificate affidavit as an alternative. This date of birth affidavit is a proof relating to the date of birth for job companies and also for educational establishments. There are various times when one has to confirm the information of birth, for example, when one is applying for a green card, visa, job and so on. This date of birth affidavit is a record which affirms that an individual’s date of birth is imperative with regard to applying for different critical records and necessities such as voters ID, Aadhar Card, electoral IDs, passports, pan cards, etc.

Make Use of the Date of Birth Affidavit if:

  • Your records relating to birth is not complete.
  • You are not able to find your total birth details.
  • You require extra proof regarding your birth while applying for an occupation or official document.


The process involved with creating the affidavit for date of birth certificate is given below in a step by step manner:

  1. Step 1 – Making the Affidavit – The deponent need to make their affidavit. Annexure A could be printed on different sites inclusive of the passport site. All the required details of the deponents need to be filled in to the best of the knowledge of the deponent.
  2. Step 2 – Authentications and signatures – The deponent need to fill in the signatures needed in the allocated openings. Additionally, all of the documents attached needs to be self attested. The photographs which are of passport size which have been submitted might likewise be self attested.
  3. Step 3 – Next, the deponent need to approach an official who has the authority to be a witness to an oath and have the document being sealed. Once the document is being sealed, the affidavit for date of birth certificate tends to be valid and hence lawfully enforceable.


When you have readied the affidavit on the stamp paper, there is a need of a notary who has the authority to witness an oath and put seal on the affidavit.


To conclude, it can be said that the date of birth affidavit is frequently and usually utilized as a part of a circumstance wherein a person do not have any other record to demonstrate their official date of birth. Records which affirm an individual’s date of birth are important with regard to applying for vital records such as electoral IDs, passports, pan cards, and so on. You would now be able to utilize the services of to make date of birth affidavit for pan card, affidavit for date of birth for passport, affidavit for change of date of birth & so on in a matter of minutes! Provide us your details accurately and we shall do the affidavit for you. You can either get the document printed on stamp paper of the needed value yourself or you can provide us a chance to print it on stamp paper of the required value and get it delivered to you.


Birth occurs at a place—it could be flight, car, ship, train, home, hospital... It needs to be recorded by an authority for additional references. Birth in India is registered or recorded by Registrars (Secretary or someone in-charge) according to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 who is mostly a part of the LSG office near to where the birth occurs i.e., offices of Corporation / Municipality / Panchayat. These offices get details and evidence intermittently from the institution or individual who had been a witness to the birth and recorded to their register. On the basis of the information available in this register, they issue the certificate of birth to local guardians or parents. When birth has been enlisted in an office, they could issue a certificate based on the request. The certificate of birth is a legitimate record expressing that the concerned individual has been born at this specific place and date. It would have the details with regard to the name of the person, gender, name of the parents, permanent address of the parents, registration no and date, date of issuing and details of office of LSG having office stamp and signature of the registrar.

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