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A marriage in India needs to be registered to make it an entity which is valid legally. The procedure of registering marriage closes with the groom and bride being furnished with a marriage certificate. A marriage certificate is a legitimate valid document which sets up a couple’s marital status. It is an important document, especially for women who are married. Marriage registration in India could be carried out under either the Special Marriage Act, 1954, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936. The Special Marriage Act, 1954 applies to all the residents of India, regardless of their dialect, religion and caste. The Hindu Marriage Act applies only to the Hindus, Buddhists, Arya Samaj, Parthana and Brahma and the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936 applies only to the Zoroastrians and the Parsies. can assist in making your marriage affidavit.

Marriage affidavit for passport

Under annexure D, marriage affidavit or certificate is needed in case one is married and would like to include the name of one’s spouse within the passport. A marriage certificate is a prerequisite which is mandatory for including one’s spouse’s name in your passport. Marriage affidavit for visa approval is also important.

Affidavit for marriage proof

This affidavit for marriage proof is a declaration which is made by a person to state that one is married. In a 2006 judgment of the supreme court of India which is considered to be a landmark judgment, marriage registration has been made mandatory. So as to do registration of marriage, a marriage affidavit is required. To make it a legally binding and enforceable contract, the affidavit has to be made on a stamp paper having a proper value and it should be signed within the sight of an Oath Commissioner who would provide attestation to it. It is for the most part utilized by a person who has entered into a marriage according to the Hindu law and tries to acquire a certificate of marriage for the same. In India, the eligibility with regard to applying for getting a certificate of marriage is that: The bridegroom need to have twenty one year’s completed and the bride need to have eighteen years completed. Get marriage affidavit online services with

Documents required for marriage affidavit

The documents which are required for registering and attaining a certificate of marriage in Karnataka are as follows:

  1. Application form has to be filled completely and it has to have the signature of both the bride and the bridegroom.
  2. Wedding card which is original.
  3. Address proof of the bride and the bridegroom – Voter ID Card/Passport/House Rent Agreement/Driving License /Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill. The proof of address has to be in the name of one of the applicant.
  4. Proof of age the bride and the bridegroom – Passport or mark sheet of tenth standard having the DOB--date of birth specified on it.
  5. Proof of identity of the bride and the groom – Driver's License/Voter ID card/PAN Card/Passport.
  6. Two photos which are of passport size of the bride and the groom.
  7. Six photos of the bride and the bridegroom which are in 2B measurements.
  8. Two photos of the bridegroom and the bride seen in their marriage attire & are seen to take part in the wedding ceremony, ideally along with their families.
  9. Marriage affidavits which are made separately by the bride and the bridegroom in a format which is prescribed.
  10. Affidavit, if after the marriage, there is a name change of the bride.
  11. Aadhar card
  12. The daily newspaper wherein the information was published with regard to the change in the name of the bride.


  • All of the documents need to be attested by self
  • At least one among the applicants needs to have proof of residence issued by the government
  • Original documents have to be carried in case the officer asks for verification

Process for applying for a marriage certificate

  • The jurisdiction relating to the office of the sub-registrar would either be the residence of the groom and the bride and it should not be place where the marriage took place.
  • You can attain the prescribed application form from NotaryKart
  • The details given in the application form has to be filled carefully. In case after marriage, there has been a change in the name of the bride, the new name has to be correctly stated in the form. can assist you in this.
  • The form has to have signature of 3 witnesses who attended the marriage. Witnesses could be relatives and friends.
  • Along with the required documents, the form has to be submitted at the sub-registrar’s office. The information would be officially verified & six printouts with regard to the information given in the application would be given to the applicants. can assist you in making a marriage affidavit.
  • The bride and the bridegroom need to place their sign on the forms in the area specified.
  • At the sub-registrar’s office, 2 copies of the marriage certificate would be given to the bridegroom and the bride and alternate copies would be maintained for official purposes.

Witnesses for Marriage Certificate

  1. At the time of registering the marriage, an individual who was present at the couple’s wedding could be a witness.
  2. The close blood relative of the groom and the bride are preferred as witnesses.
  3. One among the parents is ideally preferred. They need to provide their address and identification proof, while being a witness to the marriage.

Joint affidavit for marriage certificate

You could continue to submit an affidavit which is being made jointly for registering marriage or you could try to submit an affidavit which is done individually making a request of registration regarding marriage. This likewise relies upon the laws of each state in India as a few states require a joint affidavit, while others do not require it. If a joint affidavit cannot be done; an affidavit need to be made to state the reason behind it.

Joint photo affidavit for passport

A joint photo affidavit for passport requires a joint photograph of wife and husband. A wedding photograph would be ideal to be given as proof for the marriage. In case a joint photo can't be attached, then an affidavit has to be given to state the reason as to why the joint photo cannot be attached. Use our marriage affidavit online services for making your marriage affidavit.

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