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Incorporation of subsidiary company


As the name suggests, a subsidiary company is formed from an existing or parent company. However, this does not mean that it should provide the same services or products. When it comes to subsidiary company formation, several laws need to be kept in mind. For example, the minimum number of shareholders, the maximum paid-up capital that needs to be invested, etc. Given this situation, it is best advised to hire a notary or legal expert for the subsidiary company registration.

Here again, a significant challenge for the business owners is to find a reliable legal expert who will prepare the registration agreement and yet maintain the confidentiality of the process. The incorporation of the subsidiary has to be registered legally only then are its operations considered valid. At, we help business owners simplify this problem by providing them access to some of the best in class lawyers. You can comfortably choose to register the formation of the subsidiary company at the mere click of a few buttons.

The entire process is managed online. As the client, you will be asked to enter the details regarding the company and its services. The request form is available online, and you have to open the features required. Even the documents needed to register the subsidiary company have to be sent ( scanned copy or simply photographs) to the contact details mentioned on the website. The entire process takes a few minutes barely. Every attempt is made to prepare the documents and have them delivered to the specified address within a maximum of two working days.

Flow Process

  1. Select the type of service.
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  3. Choose the e stamp paper value (as per the value of transaction).
  4. Proceed to Check Out and complete the process.

Terms and Condition

  • *Charges may increase addtionally for more customization of the draft.
  • E stamp paper and courier charges extra.
  • Delivery Process Time: Every effort is made to deliver the documents at your doorstep at the earliest possible time (generally within 48 hours).
  • By placing a request at, it is clear that you completely accept our terms and conditions unconditionally and you authorize us ( and our affiliates to process and prepare the documentation.
  • We at ( assure that your personal details will be kept confidential.
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