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ESI Registration

Employee State Insurance (ESI) Registration

ESI scheme is a beneficial scheme like other social security schemes. ESI is the self-financing health insurance scheme. A fixed percentage from the wages of the employees and their employers is contributed to this health insurance. The employees contribute 1.75% of their, and the employers contribute 4.75% of their wages towards this health insurance. However, the employees who earn Rs. 100/- per day are exceptional in this case; these employees are not supposed to contribute their share for ESI. As per the provision of the ACT, the State Government will donate 1/8th of the expenses of the medical benefit within the per capita the maximum amount of Rs.1500/- per annum for the person who is insured. If the State Government incurs any additional expenses, over or above the maximum amount, it will not fall on the shareable pool; it is borne by the State Government concerned.

The ESI service Corp (corporation) will administer the entire scheme under the propagation of ESI ACT. This scheme was first implemented at Delhi and Kanpur on 24th February 1952. The total benefits for the employees are provided under the Act conform with the ILO convention. The primary vision of the health insurance scheme is to protect the interest of workers in emergencies such as maternity, sickness, temporary or permanent physical disablement, death under service. This act also guarantees perfect medical care to the employees and their dependents. There are two contribution periods in every six months and two corresponding benefit periods in six months.

ESIC online registration Bangalore, the ESI registration is done quickly online. In the year 2016, the central government has proposed to spend 8,800 crores on the medical and cash benefits for the employees and their families. The labour ministry is about to launch the new social security scheme for all the domestic workers the ESI facilities are provided to all the local workers. As per this scheme, every employee must contribute Rs. 200/- per month to enable the medical facilities for the domestic workers. Even the unorganised workers such as the autorickshaw drivers, Asha workers Anganwadi and other such employees can get complete medical care under ESI ACT. The mega health scheme is included in the ESI plan according to this scheme the insurance cover of Rs. 1 lakh is sanctioned per family this is formally announced by the finance minister.

ESI Registration in Bangalore

ESI registration is mandatory for every business entity employing with 20 or more employees. The ESI registration and the Contribution are entirely governed by the Employees State Insurance Act 1948.

ESIC Registration Procedure in Bangalore

According to the ESI Act, the employer should register the business or establishment within 15 days with the ESI Corporation. The employer must fill the 01 registration form and submit to the ESI regional office. Once the registration is completed, they will allow the code number to the employer, and every employee in the organisation is allotted with the temporary identification number. The employees of any organisation who fall within the ambit of coverage and earning wages below Rs. 15,000/- per month are covered under ESI scheme.

ESI Act applicability within 15 days the employer should get Factory or Establishment registered with ESI Corporation. The registration form 01 has to be filled and submitted after the ESI regional office will allow a code number to the employer after the registration every employee shall be allotted a temporary Identification No.

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