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While you plan to enter in the business world, you need to decide not only your business plan, product or the service or the investment options but also you must make the clear-cut list of all the mandatory regulations that your business unit will have to fulfil. The rules include taxation legislation, licensing requirement etc. Shops and establishment act is one of the critical bills that is authorised by every state in India to regulate the working condition and to provide the statutory obligations of employers and the employee rights in an un-organised division of employment.

Shop and establishment online registration Bangalore

The shop and establishment registration is prescribed under the law of respective states. Any individual or a group, who is running shop or establishment in Bangalore, must obtain the certification either online or from the senior Labor Inspector. Through this act, the government monitors the working hours prescribed for the employees, weekly holidays and appointing the child labour prohibition. The registration certificate issued by the Labor Inspector must be disclosed in the office premises. According to this act, one must get the registration done within 30 days of commencement of business or services.

Karnataka Shop establishment in Bangalore: this act extends to the whole city or state of Karnataka. All the shops and establishments must require complying with this act. This Karnataka shop & establishment registration in Bangalore is essential for all the shops and other commercial establishments located in Bangalore. Every new shop and the retail establishments in Bangalore must apply for the Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act within 30 days of starting their business operation. The shops and establishment act registration must be submitted to the Labor Inspector in the concerned area.

The rules and regulations to be followed

Rules and the regulations followed under Karnataka shop and establishment registration in Bangalore are as follows:

The business establishment in Bangalore must work only up to 6.00 am and the closing hours must not exceed 8.00 pm. If any of the business organisation requires extra working hours, they should apply for the separate permission, and the Labor Officer will get it. Under Karnataka shop and establishment registration in Bangalore, the name board of the every business organisation must be in Kannada, in case if the employers use other languages it must be written below the Kannada version.

How to apply the shop and establishment registration in Bangalore

The business owner must fill the Form A application is completed with the other supporting documents and it has to be submitted to the Labor Inspector with the registration fee.

Highlights of The Karnataka Shops And Establishment Act

  • According to the Karnataka shops and establishment act the child labor at any establishment is prohibited.
  • According to the Karnataka shops and establishment act the employee works only for 9 hours per day. If the employee works more than 9 hours then the employee must be provided with wages for the extra hours.
  • The entire establishment in Bangalore, Karnataka is required to remain close for one in a week.
  • The employee must be allowed to the annual leave with wages.

How it works?

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