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How to get e stamp paper online in Bangalore?

e stamping is a secure way to pay stamp duty in Karnataka through banks in an online method. All agreements to make it legal require a stamp paper of requisite value Physical stamp paper system is abolished in Karnataka and replaced by e-stamping. The stamp paper provided by us are legally authenticated by SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd), and it is 100% original.

e Stamp paper is utilized in all documents that require stamp duty to be paid. The transfer documents like the rent / lease agreement, affidavits, indemnity bond, power of attorney, leave and license agreement and so on.

Benefits of e stamp paper online

How to order e stamp paper online in Bangalore?

It is better to contact the real website or online services like us that provides e stamp paper online you can contact us by entering our website from your home and provide us with the necessary details. You can pay us through net banking, NEFT transfer, direct account transfer, debit /credit card payment to get e stamp paper in Bangalore. The delivery is made to the address, and door delivery is there.

How to get e stamp paper in Karnataka?

Already Karnataka Government has switched to e Stamping system. The first step is to understand whether your transaction requires e-stamp and open our website and register the details and get e stamp paper in Karnataka.

You can register to the website from rural and urban parts of Karnataka. Once all the details are filled and payment is done the delivery of stamp paper takes place.

Make sure that stamp paper issued is placed safely as it is difficult or impossible to take duplicate e-stamp paper due to watermarking.

How it works?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is e stamp paper?

It is a computer based system of paying stamp duty to the government. The e stamp paper is the ideal replacement for the Non Judicial Stamp Paper introduced by the central government, with the intention of creating more reliability and security.

2. Whether all state using this e stamp facility?

No! So far, 18 states are following the e stamp facility. The e stamp paper online has be introduced by central government to pay government duty electronically by the citizens of those respective states.

3. How to get e stamp paper online?

E stamp paper can be purchased from the official site of SHCIL or any the authorized banks. If you about to purchase the e stamp paper in Bangalore means by entering the details on the relevant form listed in the online portal, the service provider will deliver the stamp paper to your door steps.

4. When did the Karnataka state government introduce the e stamp system?

The e stamping system was introduced in Karnataka state on the year 2008.

5. Where to get e stamp paper in Bangalore?

E stamp paper can be availed in all authorized banks and also at the ACC centers of the Karnataka state government where citizens can able to get e stamp paper online. Or users can visit to buy e stamp paper at ease.

6. Who holds the authority of distributing these e stamp paper?

Central government of India, hand over the authority on e stamp paper to Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL).

7. Who is Stock Holding?

Stock Holding is the public limited company established during 1986 and it’s organized well by the leading banks and other top financial institutes of the nation.

8. Whether the e stamp paper is secured?

Yes! The e stamp paper is more reliable and secured when compared with the previous methods of Stamp Papers. Also it is easy to identify fake e stamp paper and nearly it impossible to create duplicate e stamp paper.

9. Whether e stamp paper purchased in a state is valid in other state?

Yes! It is valid, however, each states has its own stamp duty if you purchased the stamp by paying appropriate duty means it will be valid, there’s no bar.

10. Whether bulk quantity of e stamp paper can be purchased in online?

Yes! All you need is to enter the number of paper you need while requesting service providers. Once they approved, you will able to get bulk delivery.

11. How to verify the purchased e stamp paper?

Visit and enter required details and click on Verify button.

12. E stamp paper mainly used for?

For Agreements and affidavits, all types of legal services and so.

13. Is there any time period for stamp paper validity, if it’s not used?

Yes! As per the Indian constitutional of law, if the purchased stamp paper has not been used for the 6 months period means then it will be invalid.

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