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Transfer of ownership of vehicle in Bangalore

Transfer of ownership of vehicle in Bangalore

Transfer of ownership of vehicle

Purchased a second hand vehicle in the busy city Bangalore and wonder how to transfer of ownership of vehicle? NotaryKart is here as the problem solver for you. We offer a hassle free service to transfer of ownership of vehicle in Bangalore.

Both the seller and buyer of the used vehicle must aware of the transfer of ownership in order to avoid legal clashes in the future. The expertise staffs of NortaryKart vastly experienced on handling all the procedure for transfer of ownership of vehicle in Bangalore city. We are one among the leading service providers who provide transfer of ownership of vehicle in Karnataka and allow people to be relaxed without worrying about the documents and paperwork needed for vehicle transfer in RTO.

Procedure to Transfer Vehicle in Bangalore

Right now, the vehicle ownership transfer in Bangalore carried in two modes online and in offline. However, in both modes, vehicle owners need to visit the nearby RTO along with the needed valid documents.

  • For offline mode, vehicle owners need to visit the registered RTO center in person and need to fill form 29 and form 30.
  • The duly filled forms should be submitted all with the required documents.
  • After the complete verification done by the relevant authority, the insurance policy that will be in the name of seller changed to buyer’s name within the 14 days.

With the introduction of transfer of ownership of vehicle in online people saves a lot of time, especially the people from the busy, it is hard for them to get free time from their regular work.

  • For online mode, vehicle ownership transfer can be done through online by visiting the official website
  • Vehicle owner needs to fill the application form and submit it along by uploading the needed documents.
  • After successful submission, the owner needs to take a print out of the application along with the acknowledgement form and go to the nearest RTO of residence.

Documents required for vehicle transfer in Bangalore

For both car ownership transfers in Bangalore and for bike ownership transfers in Bangalore below listed documents are essential.

  • Form no CMV 29 (duplicate)
  • Aadhaar Card of the owner
  • Form no. CMV 30 (If vehicle covered under Hypothecation/HPA/Lease)
  • Registration Certificate, valid insurance, emission Certificate, Fitness certificate in case of transport vehicle, Tax card with up-to-date tax paid proof.
  • Address proof (original)
  • In case of LMVs and transport vehicles, PAN card is required. (Form 61 or 60 in case of no PAN card)
  • Recently, captured three passport size photographs of the transferee

By submitting the above-mentioned documents along with the duly filled forms by both transferor and transferee, transfer of ownership of car in Bangalore or the transfer of ownership of bike in Bangalore can be done.

For those who do not have free time to spare and those who do not want to mess things on vehicle transfer can approach us with the above-mentioned documents and experience our hassle free service of vehicle ownership transfer in Bangalore.

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