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Re registration of vehicles in Bangalore

Re registration of vehicles in Bangalore

Re registration of vehicles

Bangalore is a tech city, where one can witness people from all states of India and all walks of life residing. If you happen to be recently shifted to Bangalore and worried about procedures to follow for outside vehicle re registration carried in Karnataka or in Bangalore city, we at, Nortarykart offer top-notch services on re registration of vehicles in Bangalore.

Why Re-registration of vehicles required?

In general, re-registration of bike carried out, which has crossed 15 years as per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, passed in 1988. However, if you are moving your vehicle to Karnataka from other state means you need to re-register your vehicle as per the rules and follow the process of vehicle re registration procedure of the Karnataka state.

The re-registration of a vehicle done in order to ensure that the vehicle is in good physical condition and to verify all vehicle oriented documents. During the re-registration process the three main factors, which concentrated by the RTO centers, are

  1. Insurance
  2. Ownership details
  3. Pollution Clearance

We, at Nortarykart take care all those part involved in re registration of vehicle in Karnataka.

Documents need to provide for Re-registration process in Karnataka

  • • In addition to the NOC (No Objection Certificate), form CMV 28 or postal acknowledgement for application sent for issue of no objection certificate to the concerned registering authority.
  • • Application form CMV 27
  • • Registration certificate (RC Smart Card)
  • • Tax Card
  • • Insurance certificate
  • • Consent of the Financier(In case vehicle purchased in Loan)
  • • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • • Prescribed fees and difference of tax if any

Procedure to follow for Registration Renewal or Re-registration in Karnataka

As per the Indian Motor vehicle act, every private vehicle needs to be re-registered or renew after 15 years of purchase and thereafter for every 5 years. However, for a vehicle involved in interstate transfer needs to re-register with the nearby RTO centers. For interstate transfer, all vehicles must be re-registered under the Karnataka RTO centers within 12 months from the date of vehicle entry into the Karnataka state.

  • Owners need to file the NOC certificate in the original registered RTO office.
  • Along with NOC certificate, owners need to collect the police report from any of the nearby police state to the previous residence.
  • With those collected documents and paperwork’s, owners need to visit the RTO center, which is located nearby place of your Karnataka residence.
  • After filling the relevant forms, owners should submit the forms along with the availed NOC and Clearance Certificate from their previous state.
  • In case, the vehicle was not inspected earlier means, the RTO might ask owners to produce the respective vehicle for conducting inspection.

The same procedure followed for both bike and re registration of car in Bangalore. It would be a time taking process if you not fully aware about how to re register vehicles in Bangalore. We, Nortarykart offer you our prime service in such situation and relief all your hassles by taking care of the entire re-registration process by ourselves.

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