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Driving License Renewal Online - Bangalore

Renew driving license online

Renew Driving License Online in Bangalore

Driving License (DL) is issued by the RTO in Karnataka with a validity of 20 years or for up to age 50, whichever is earlier. Renewal of your existing Dl is compulsory for a minimum for 3 to 5 years in Karnataka, once you cross the barrier of age 50. You may request for renewal at least 20 years before it is expired or within a month after expiry.

For Driving License renewals, you need to collect a renewal form from the same RTO that issued you your license or renewed your license last. Submit the filled form and a medical certificate in form CMV 1/ IA, along with three passports sized photographs and original DL in the concerned RTO.

Required documents to renew driving license

  • Duly filled in application for renewal form (Form 9), available online
  • Health clearance certificate from a certified doctor
  • Original Valid age & address proof along with photocopies
  • Passport size photographs

How it works?

  • Step-1

    Apply Driving License Online

  • Step-2

    Schedule a meeting

  • Step-3

    Required Document Collection

  • Step-4

    Get your Driving License Renewed

How to renew for Driving License online?

You might need to apply for a duplicate driving license in the event of loss or theft of your driving license. You can submit an LLD form duly filled at the nearest RTO. The steps mentioned below will clarify how to obtain a duplicate Driving License in Karnataka.

  • The Driving License holder is expected to fill the LLD form accurately and give it at the same RTO which approved or renewed the license.
  • Along with the LLD form, you should also give at least three copies of your most recent passport-sized photos and the fee stipulated in KVM guidebook.
  • If your application for duplicate Driving License is made in Form 7, then you will need to shell out a small fee of INR 40.
  • You will also have to present the duplicate copy of your lost license, otherwise, it will be difficult for the concerned official to extract your details. It will speed up the process and make it easier.
  • The best place to renew your expired driving license in Bangalore is by visiting
  • Just fill out the form and we will assist you in getting your Driving License renewed online without leaving your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I have a license for a gearless two-wheeler. Do I have to reappear for the test to get a license for a geared two-wheeler?

As you are already a license holder, you will be exempted from the preliminary test (oral/ written). You can apply for the practical test slot and appear on the same day for it. First, you have to pass the ground test (Figure-of-eight) and if qualified, appear for the road test. If you fail the ground test, you will be given another date.

2. What is validity period of an Indian Driving License?

It is valid across the country and is generally issued for 20 years or until age 50, whichever is first.

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